The information provided in our proposal is a preliminary estimate for illustration purposes only and is not a binding agreement or obligation. Actual system production or savings is not guaranteed. The system design may change based on a detailed engineering site audit. A solar power system is customized for your home, so its pricing, actual system production, and savings will vary based on the final location, system size, design, configuration, utility rates, applicable rebates, tax benefits realized, and your household’s energy usage.

Financing terms may vary and are not available in all locations. Tax credits and incentives, if any, are not guaranteed.  Our proposal is not an approval for a loan and all financing terms are subject to approval.

Key Proposal Assumptions:
The information provided in this proposal, such as savings calculations, is based on the following assumptions:

Utility Assumptions:

  • Utility Company — NSTAR Electric Company
  • Current Utility Rate — South Shore Residential R-1 Annual BS (32)
  • Current Estimated Annual Utility Bill — $2,575
  • Annual Utility Price Increase Rate — 4.5%

System Assumptions:

  • System Size — 14.04kW
  • Annual System Degradation due to soiling and general wear — 0.25%
  • Total System Cost — $47,736

Financial Assumptions:

  • Down Payment — $40,736
  • Federal Tax Incentive — $10,591
  • State Tax Incentive — $1,000
  • Other Incentive — $7,000