NEC Maintenance

Installed solar with someone else and now need service or have questions? We are here for you!

At Newport Electric Construction we have a long history of stability and security. We understand that the solar industry has had some challenging times, as is expected in a rapidly growing industry. Some solar marketing companies haven’t been able to handle that growth, and their customers are left without a resource for service. NEC Solar is the company homeowners and businesses rely on when their company is no longer available for customer care. We have been here and will be here to respond to your solar service needs when other companies have fallen silent.

We are able to inspect, repair, and update any residential or commercial solar installation in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Special conditions may apply for third-party-owned systems, but we are always willing to consult with you about your installation’s needs.

Solar arrays have no moving parts and generally require very little maintenance. We understand that problems do arise, however, and we’re prepared to handle any malfunction. From repairs and replacements to electrical work and utility interconnection, we can get your installation up and running quickly, with the care you deserve.

Once you’re comfortable in a worst-case scenario, worst-case scenarios cease to exist.”
– Rener Gracie