NEC Solar vs. Other Solar

NEC Solar

  • NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional
  • All Black Components, Including below array
  • Superior Wire Management
  • Wiring mechanically fastened inside the rails where it is safe and protected
  • High-Quality Flashing and sealant keep your roof leak-free
  • Installed Square and True
  • Flush Rails and Hidden End Connection
  • Hidden Conduit
  • Installed by Electricians
  • Over 3000 Installations and Hundreds Of Years of Combined Experience.

Other Solar

      • Certification?
      • Substandard wire management
      • Messy and Failure Prone
      • Mismatched Components
      • Wiring touching the shingles
      • Held by zip ties or cheap metal clips
      • LOW-Quality Flashing and Sealant
      • Installed as fast as possible
      • Exposed end rails and Conduit