Battery Backup & Storage

What is power?

Most people agree that power lies in the ability to control. With energy rates spiking year over year, more people are opting to gain control over their electricity generation, costs, and storage.

NEC Solar proudly offers a variety of battery storage options to put you in control of your power distribution. In New England, varying weather conditions can be rough, and power outages are unpredictable. Many customers want the independence and stability of a battery storage back-up system so that when grid power goes out, their solar-charged storage system keeps essential appliances on.

Our experienced electrical crew can provide alternative back-up power systems combining a solar-charged battery with a traditional generator. With your new solar installation, battery storage systems can be integrated into the original design, or retrofitted to an existing installation, even if you didn’t originally install with us!

The solar storage market is exciting, even as arising technologies add new challenges to the decision-making process. Our consultants will help you understand what the best options are for your needs and budget, while seamlessly integrating your storage option with the right solar installation for your home or business.

Control your energy future, and contact us today for a friendly visit from our team. With flexible scheduling, we are available when you need us most. You can reach us via email: or simply call us at 866-446-4632.

We’re here to help put the power of energy independence in your hands!