Storage & Solar


The next step in your independence journey

Are you wondering how you can improve your home solar panel system?

Pair your solar system with a battery storage unit and getting paid to do so! The utility, on average, will pay a minimum of $1,000 a year for you to have a battery at home. Having a battery storage unit installed in your home can become the next step in your energy independence journey combined with a solar installation. Batteries are the perfect way to store excess solar energy your system produces and save it for times when your system is not producing as much energy; at night, during the winter, or during overcast weather events. Battery storage can also keep your lights and basic appliances on during a power outage.

If you have already thought about installing a battery, then you might be well-aware of the wide variety of options available and all the different features you must take into consideration before choosing a battery unit. If this is the first time you have heard about batteries, today is your chance to explore your options. As you may have noticed, solar panels tend to produce more than enough electricity during the day, when your home might actually need the least amount of electricity. Lucky for you, you can save that energy in a battery unit and use it at a time when your system isn’t producing enough energy, all at your convenience.


NEC Solar is a full-service company. Our team will be with you from your first consultation to the installation of your system. We provide full residential and commercial electrical services. We are one of the few fully in-house solar power companies in New England, meaning we do not subcontract any third-party installers. We are proud to offer workmanship warranties and a customer service team that is here for YOU!

We stand behind our work and use creative solutions to maximize your savings.


NEC-Solar is committed to giving back to the communities in which we work and live in. Team members actively volunteer in their communities, while the company sponsors many nonprofits throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. NEC-Solar is proud to sponsor environmental groups and their events, including the Audubon Society of RI (Raptor weekend), Save The Bay-Narragansett Bay (collaboration to host an international coastal cleanup at McCorriePoint Beach), Clean Ocean Access, MCAN, JCAN, The Environmental Voter Project, Eco RI News, and the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association. We are also proud sponsors of Aids Care Ocean State (drag bingo), Child & Family RI (Thanksgiving food drive), and the Providence Community Library System (educational workshops), and more!


We are passionate about renewable energy! Our team focuses on educating the public about the dangers that fossil fuels pose to our world today and about the benefits of solar power! We host online and in-person events/workshops throughout the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area to help educate others about the benefits of solar energy. In the past, we’ve held free solar power educational workshops throughout the Providence Community Library System. With the onset of COVID-19, our classroom setting has changed to on-line platforms like Zoom.